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Pioneering inclusive finance for the African woman.

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Our mission is to improve women’s lives through greater access to and use of financial services.

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By empowering women through financial inclusion

And impact investing in Agriculture

By empowering women through financial inclusion

And impact investing in Agriculture

Who we are

HerVest is an inclusive fintech for women. We provide easy access to target savings, impact investments and credit financing for smallholder women farmers and women-owned/led SMEs in Nigeria.
Bridging the gender finance gap from the boardroom to the farmland.

There is a $42bn gender finance gap in Africa, with over $15.6bn trapped in agriculture. Lack of access to capital and other layers of financial services stunts women’s economic growth. At HerVest, we are committed to improving women’s lives through greater access to financial services by leveraging technology for peer-to-peer capital reallocation.

Tag your Tribe and Earn along.

Closing the economic gender gap is a collective race. It even becomes more exciting when you refer your circle to HerVest and earn together


Invest in a Woman-in-Trade

Nigerian women account for 41% of micro-businesses in Nigeria. Yet they receive less than 15% of conventional business loans. We’re switching the narrative by providing flexible loans and resources to female entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and achieve their financial goals.
Fund a Woman-in-Trade

Earn Impactfully

Investors generate financial and social impact by providing low-interest financing for verified, credible smallholder female farmers in our cooperative networks in rural areas
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Our People

Meet the team of immediate problem solvers

Solape Akinpelu

CEO & Co-Founder

Yomi Ogunleye

CTO & Co-Founder

Bode Abifarin

Advisory Board Member

Victoria Abiola Ajayi

Advisory Board Member

Edobong Akpabio

Advisory Board Member

Yele Okeremi

Advisory Board Member